September 2, 2016

Sales & Media Training

Results-only PR

Anthony will design a customised sales or media training package to suit your company’s needs.

A typical half-day’s training for six executives would include:

  • Recording a 3-5 minute interview with each executive individually;
  • Providing feedback to each executive on their performance;
  • A group session providing general tips and advice for the company;
  • A second recording session with each of the executives, this time in front of the group;
  • Group feedback on each of the interviews

The group session would include a focus on the company and it would also cover more general topics such as managing nerves and interruptions, getting your message across and how to make your case convincingly and memorably while dealing with hard-hitting interviews. There will also be tips on how to relax and appear natural, likeable and knowledgable.

Anthony provided OES with a bespoke training course designed to upskill our team’s selling techniques. We all found the Sales & Media course extremely useful and especially liked the practical hands on approach leaving us with useful tips we can apply to any presentation or sales pitch.  We have consulted with Anthony on a number of occasions before making media or client presentations and have always found his advice and to be excellent. Brona Tennyson, Director, OES Consulting