September 2, 2016

CV Writing and Interview Skills


Boost your confidence with professional advice on how to prepare your CV and learn the communication skills required to answer any interview question effectively.

As a result of attending this programme, participants will stand a better chance of securing employment.

This course includes:

  • What to include in a CV;
  • Advice for writing cover letters and completing online application forms;
  • Tips for revamping and customising your CV;
  • Developing a positive mental attitude;
  • Preparing before an interview;
  • Dressing for an interview and the importance of good body language;
  • Highlighting your skills and experiences when asked about your abilities;
  • Answering difficult questions;
  • Frequently asked interview questions and effective answers;
  • Learning how to ask ‘powerful’ questions that help sell you;
  • Creating a ‘post-interview’ checklist and learning from the experience;
  • Tips for successful networking;
  • Handling second interviews