Marketing for minnows

A new breed of agency is adapting its practices to suit the most slender of budgets, writes Siobhán Brett.

By Siobhán Brett Apr 15, 2012
During a trying economic period, the practice of marketing – and the budget allotted to it – frequently falls by the wayside. Several Irish agencies have adopted models more amenable to brands and businesses with modest budgets and little room for trial and error. In other words, the ones that need marketing most.


**Quinn Garvey PR**

PR practitioner Anthony Garvey spent the early part of his career working in-house in Britain, gradually getting frustrated with systems of long contracts, expensive retainers and inflexible agreements.

He met business associate Anne Kiely and said the pair hit on the idea of teaming up to provide coverage for clients, rather than press releases. If they don’t generate coverage – they don’t get paid.

“We decided it was a better model for the client; more specific, better focused. You’ve only got to go online to see press releases hovering for a few weeks, inevitably in places that clients don’t want to be,” said Garvey.

“We manage clients’ expectations and set workable targets.

“The cost-cutting and rationalisation going on in some marketing agencies means that services can be affected. We, meanwhile, maintain coverage – it’s in our interest too.”

Client turnover tends to be quite quick.

“We frequently see people who want six things done in a six-month period – that’s how a lot of work is being done lately, and it pays to be flexible.

“We keep our costs very low, which is a real positive,” said Garvey.

“When we work well, we attract further work.

“Retainers and paying for more than you receive, that’s money for jam, and clients are more and more aware of that. What we’re doing resonates with those in search of value and results.”

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